Best Green Technologies For Housing

Solar housing

1. Solar Array. Solar panels, or photovoltaic cells, are one of the best ways to reduce pollution and lower your electricity expenses (if you have the cash to spend).
2. Solar Water Heater. It’s not always necessary to install a complete solar array to achieve some of the benefits of solar technology. Installing a solar water heater can be a great way to cut down on energy costs at a much lower initial expense. The costs associated with the installation of a solar water heater are actually recouped much faster than the costs associated with photovoltaic technology for power generation.
3. Wind Generator. When you think of wind generators, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the huge windmill farms found offshore and in the windswept plains of the western United States. But did you know that you can actually purchase smaller versions of these massive power generators?
4. Double Pane Windows. Like poor insulation, energy escape due to single pane or inadequately sealed windows contributes a great deal to energy loss annually. In fact, 25% of annual heating and cooling costs can be attributed to the installation of non-energy efficient or single pane windows.
5. Rainwater Harvesting System. Rain collector systems are extremely simple mechanical systems that connect to a gutter system or other rooftop water collection network and store rain water in a barrel or cistern for later non-potable use (like watering plants, flushing toilets, and irrigation). These systems are extremely inexpensive, provided you purchase and assemble the rain collection equipment yourself.
6. Smart Power Strips. Smart power strips are a simple and elegant solution to a major energy problem. Energy vampires (devices that are plugged in and shut off or fully charged) are generally blamed for around 20% of all energy wasted in America annually. Smart power strips sense energy demand and cut off power supply to fully charged or not in use devices, and can almost eliminate vampire power drawdown.