Implement Green Policies In The Workplace With Document Shredding

Paper Waste

With the ongoing emphasis on climate change and its effect, more and more companies are taking the green approach. Often overlooked in this approach is the area of businesses dealing with document shredding and destruction. Document destruction is not just about protecting proprietary information or customer information; it is also a way to recycle used documents as part of an overall green strategy. Not only can this procedure protect the company and its customers, but it can be used to help promote environmental practices.

The handling of sensitive documents and information has never been more important than it is today. Non-shredded or non-destroyed documents offer a potential windfall for anyone seeking information from the company on proprietary information and methodologies. Also, document information is highly useful to hackers or anyone engaged in identity theft. In some cases, a lack of document shredding or document destruction can result in embarrassment for the company, or worse, create liability issues. Regardless of the result, not shredding or destroying documents can introduce a serious hazard to the company and its reputation.

In reference to the environmental aspects, proper document shredding and destruction can help assist the green policies that many companies are now putting into place. On average, Canada uses 6 million tons of paper and paperboard annually, with only one quarter of this waste being recycled. This amount of paper in Canada will eventually make its way to a landfill, contributing even further to the waste problem. Shredded paper not only takes up less space, but can be more easily recycled into new paper and paper products. Not only will this help keep the confidential information protected, but the paper upon which the information is stored is recycled for use again.

Even though most businesses have moved to electronic data storage, many still retain paper records and documents. Occasionally, not all paper records have made the electronic transfer. As these documents age, they become not only a fire hazard but a mold hazard as well. This makes handling those documents potentially hazardous, even more so when these documents must be destroyed. Utilizing a trained document destruction service, such as the services of Absolute Destruction (learn more about them at, will help mitigate those hazards, thereby reducing the potential exposure of office personnel.

In addition to the above, many document destruction companies offer other services besides document removal and disposal. Services such as electronic data destruction are among the many other recycling opportunities these companies provide. For the protection of information, both customer and proprietary, destroying documents and allowing the disposal to come in the form of recycling, the company not only saves money over traditional in house methods, it also promotes environmentally friendly policies. In fact, the cost of using paper in the workplace can add up to 13 to 31 times the cost of purchasing the paper in the first place! Hence, recycling and reusing recycled paper can reduce overall costs.