Ways to Stay Green During Global Warning

World: global warming

Being green means taking care of our ailing planet. Right now, global warming is causing ice caps to melt, the oceans to rise, animals to be misplaced from their homes and many other catastrophic things to occur. But you can stay green during this time by following these bits of advice.

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Take shorter showers

Water is in short supply in the United States right now. Try to take shorter showers, and when you are brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water running. It may seem crazy, but even little things like this can go a long way!

Recycle and reuse

Lastly, remember to recycle and reuse. Don’t throw out your soda pop cans and water bottles. Recycle them! It can make a difference. You may think that this isn’t true and that recycling is just something that takes more time and energy. But it can really help. Think about how much garbage you and your family create each week. Now think about how many weeks there are in a year. Now think about all of the families (and especially those that are bigger than yours) on your block, in your town, in your community, your state, the United States and the world! If we all recycled and did the other things in this article to make sure to stay green, our earth would be different. It would be a much better place. Stay green!